At 83 Bernard Magrez Still Going Strong!

Have You Seen This Face?

Bernard Magrez

Let’s just start with Bordeaux Grand Cru Classe properties. 1- Chateau Pape-Clement Graves  2- Chateau Fombauge, St. Emilion, 3- Chateau La Tour Carnet, Haut- Medoc and 4-Clos Haut= Peyraguay in Sauternes. That is just the very tip of the Iceberg. You will see this face on the back of bottles in just about every part of France, then Spain, Argentina, Napa Valley, and even Uruguay and Japan. I can’t even keep track of how many properties this man owns and operates and the list keeps growing. Nothing can stop him, This includes in 2016 having his home robbed while tied up and the crooks getting away with millions of dollars of jewelry, artwork, crystal, wines. He even managed to somehow untie himself and contact the police. It’s getting to the point where if I see his face on the back of the bottle, I will buy it and I am never disappointed.  I really find the value and quality in his properties located in the Languedoc- Roussillon area or “Terre De Sud”  (Soil of The South). It’s all Limestone and Clay and the wines express the fantastic terroir. Bernard’s quote “My life, forty years of passion dedicated to the vineyard. My goal is to pass down excellence. ”

2015 Les Pierres Fendues, Languedoc

The Review

Pierres Front

Pierres Rear

80% Merlot and 20% Grenache. Winemaking process in respect of the fruit and roundness of the tannins. Grapes are harvested at optimum maturity. Temperature-controlled fermentation. Daily pumping-over. Aging to bring out the aromatic intensity of this product. It’s all about the terroir, the quality of grapes at maximum ripeness and the Clay and Limstone soils.

Pierres Glass

In the glass at 13.% ABV a medium bodied frame. The color is a dark violet/purple. The aromatics after 45 minutes of aeration are intense and terroir driven. On the nose, I hate to go Cork Dorky on you but what can I say.. It has “GARRIGUE” Now in layperson’s terms : Garrigue refers to the low-growing vegetation on the limestone hills of the Mediterranean coast, not the limestone itself. There are a bunch of bushy, fragrant plants that grow wild there, such as juniper, thyme, rosemary and lavender, and Garrigue refers to the SUM OF THEM. I also pick up intense red fruits such as cherry, currants and plums and also lingering in the background a mix between clay and dough..almost pastry dough. On the palate this light to medium wine packs the punch of a heavyweight  with juicy notes of perfectly ripe cherry, red plums, leather and very intense but well rounded spicy tannins. The hint of green flavors is coming from the 20% Grenache. The wine does have a slightly short finish and slightly one dimensional and for those 2 reasons I am going to score this an 87+ out of 100.

The Summary

Bernard MagrezBernard MagrezBernard Magrez

Commit this face to memory. Pierres Fendues is another example of a wine that was sitting on the shelves where I work with 2 cases in the back and no one picking it up. I suspect after this review it will be gone in  a week. The wine pairs really well with salamis and cured meats as well as aged cheeses or any food off the grill even Portobellos as the fruit and  acidity and intensity are all spot on. At $11.99 there is not one single wine in any section of any wine store that will deliver the goods as well as this wine. It is a definite buy buy buy. Keep going strong Bernard Magrez. You may own 4 Grand Cru Classe properties but YOU are a Grand Cru CLASSE ACT!

Grape-fully yours, Larry


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