Chilled Wines For “Grab And Go”


Just like the frustration I have with Restaurants and a mediocre at best, selection of wines By The Glass, I have the same emotions about a wine shop that has a mediocre selection of Chilled Wines for “Grab And Go”. Usually it is the norm to put all the national recognizable stuff ONLY in the Chilled Wine Section but this is an example what my colleague Jennifer and I offer at our ABC Fine Wine And Spirits in Sunrise Florida. I think it is a something for everyone and every price point and several of the national brand names for the less adventurous, in our selections. You always know a good wine shop when they put some thought into their Chilled Wines they offer. Summertime is here and more and more people want Grab And Go. I hope this VLOG entry gives you some ideas.

Grape-fully yours, Larry


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