Don’t Judge A Wine By Its Label !

I hear day in and day out, I am a Cab person or I only drink White, I hate Red. I don’t like Rose as it is too sweet. I hate Merlot. There are so many expressions of all of the grapes that make wines I think you will thank me if you stop making generalized statements like that and be open to tasting. Tasting is the key. You might be surprised you like Syrah from France but not Australia or vice versa. You might find out you like Chardonnay from Burgundy and judged your dislike in the past to California Chardonnay or vice versa. As your Mom always taught you.. “Don’t judge a Book by it’s Cover”. I hope you will stop judging a type of Wine by it’s color or grape or it’s label or the Country it came from . Taste Taste and Taste.

Grape-fully yours, Larry

3 thoughts on “Don’t Judge A Wine By Its Label !

  1. I once attended a tasting where the somellier gave a group of ladies who said they hated Chardonnay a glass of ……… Meursault! They loved it, because what they didn’t like was heavy oaked Chardonnay and this one had none. Red faces all round ha ha🍷👍

    1. Hahaha. Happens everyday in my work. When I sample guests on a white wine , they plead with me to give them anything but Chardonnay as they hate Chardonnay. Then I pour them a Chablis or any White Burgundy and they rave how amazing it is and ask what grape is that. You should see the looks on their faces when I reveal 100% Chardonnay. What they hated was the Over Oaked Over Malo Syrupy lactic style of California Chardonnay not the grape itself. 🙂

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