“How Sweeet It is “!!

I know the wine snobs will ask: “Why is a sommelier talking about Sweet Wines” ? The answer is that this wine blog is not for snobs and for everyday people and many of those everyday consumers like sweet wines but are faced with the dilemma of low alcohol and a dislike for bubbles. I have solved many guest’s problem with the 2 wines in the video by recommending these products that give them a Red Wine that isn’t bitter, has no bubbles like most do and have normal alcohol content. Both are only $9.99. Sometimes I don’t have a solution for my guest’s requests but I am happy in this case I do! As the late great Jackie Gleason would say……….


Grape-fully yours, Larry


2 thoughts on ““How Sweeet It is “!!

  1. Larry: Thank you for being nice to us “Sweet Wine” types. Tried the South Africa wine, didn’t care for it. Sorry! Hope to see you this afternoon, for your suggestion on a good “sweet wine.”

    1. Hi Edward. We are always kind to you sweet wine types. I heard from my partner Jennifer that you didn’t like the Black Pearl. We wouldn’t expect you to like it. You just have to be honest and tell yourself you like sweet wines and don’t try all the wines I Review Cause they are NOT your preference of style. Jennifer already selected ed your next wine Sorry I missed you the last couple of times. In case neither of us not there , ask for Norton Late Harvest Malbec. It’s sweeet !! Cheers

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