Rich Or Poor, Buy Wines With “QPR”

I have had at one time of my life, a healthy bank account and considered myself wealthy. I am just a middle class guy now in 2018. Either way, I think a Wine in my opinion, should not be recommended by a Sommelier or Purchased by A Consumer even if you have disposable income, unless that Wine offers QPR.. Quality To Price Ratio. There are many, many popular wines in every category that are recommended by sommeliers every minute of the day somewhere to guests they know that are wealthy and have disposable income, that I personally don’t think offer the QPR. (As a Restaurant Somm serving Wealthy Celebrities, I always came out on top if I didn’t GOUGE them with some crazy $5,000 Cult Wine Bottle) There are wines that consumers buy over and over that I also don’t think offer the QPR. My friend Duane in Seattle ran into DLYNN PROCTOR from the movie Somm out in California. He works for Penfolds. Grange is one of the greatest wines I have tasted. There is a special bottle of Grange that is in a glass case that when a guest orders that anywhere in the world, DLYNN has to fly to that location and be the one that opens the bottle. The price tag $185,000 per Bottle !! When asked by Duane “Would you ever spend $185,000 on a bottle of wine”? DYLNN replied with a response that is what ruins a reputation for a somm or wine steward “If I had the kind of Dough these guys were rolling in…hell yeah” I say Hell No!. Never let anyone tell you, that you need to spend $50 or even $20 to get a great bottle of wine. You can certainly find great quality wines from areas like Napa Valley or Bordeaux but if they are $100 per bottle I think all consumers should at least be informed that they can also find Quality Wines in the Under $10-$15 Range or certainly world class quality at a maximum of $50 for the greatest wine of your life! Now you can also get more bang for your dollar. Instead of one or two $30-$40 you can buy maybe a mixed case of $10-$15 wines. It’s all about the QPR!! That’s the definition of a GREAT WINE!

Grape-fully yours, Larry


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