Barbera D’Asti..Have It Your Way!!

It’s From ASTI But Not Moscato

ASTI is the town not the grape. Yes that village is famous for Moscato but that isn’t the only grape they grow. BARBERA D’ASTI , not to be confused with HANNAH BARBERA (They made The Flintstones Cartoon) is also widely planted in the other village located in the Northwestern Region of Piedmont ALBA  which would be labeled as BARBERA D’ ALBA  

Agostino Pavia Produces Barbera D’Asti 3 Ways!

Mauro Pavia

Meet Mauro Pavia. Just by looking at the picture above you can tell that Italian Winemakers don’t just put out mass produced quantities of wine, they actually get their hands dirty and they work the land and do everything Manually. What I love about Pavia Barberas is that the 3 wines I have tasted from them that I offer at ABC Fine Wine And Spirits can fit any red wine flavor profile cause all three are different. I always ask my guests if their flavor profile is:

  1. Light And Fruity
  2. Medium And Soft With Minimal Tannins and Oak
  3. Big Plush Bold And Robust

With Agostino Pavia And Figli (His Children) they are all D.O.C.G. Estate Bottled Barbera D’Asti SUPERIORES! The interesting part is whatever your taste profile and budget out of the 3 styles I offered, you can get from one producer and one grape.


The Blina is number one. Everything is refined in Stainless Steel Vats… No Oak or as I call it FRESH!!. Great for a wine lover that likes intense fruit flavors without any influence from Oak Nuances. $11.99 gets you Plum, Raspberry, Spices on a plush backbone with a really intense red fruit finish that lingers on and the tannins are mild. Great for a Pinot Noir Lover.


Number two in style is MOLISS. We introduce a hint of Oak but not Barrique (Small Barrels) 500 Liter Large Oak Casks. Just a little bit. The fruit is still there but the small influence of Oak gives you a little vanilla and toast. $14.99 gets you a style of Barbera that is a little rounder and fuller than the BLINA with a little more tannic structure. The beautiful fruit shines through with a slightly less spicy and drier finish. A very well balanced wine. 

Le Marescialla

Time for the BIG BOY. La Marescialla. Now we bring out the BARRIQUES. One Year aged in Allier Oak Barrique. 3 months more refinement in Stainless Steel Vats then another 6 Months or so aging in Bottles. This is not a $100.00 although it would be more than that in quality or on a Restaurant Wine List. $26.99 gets you a wine that tantalizes your nostrils with stewed fruits, caramel, dark chocolate, fresh wild berries macerating in syrup, espresso and on the palate, Full Full Bodied, plush, red fruit jam, vanilla, spices, and a huge long powerful finish with ripe tannins. The color is beautiful too. It is almost liquid violets in a glass. 

This is ONE FAMILY, ONE REGION, ONE GRAPE BARBERA, but in THREE different styles and price ranges. It doesn’t come any better than this in the Wine World. An All purpose Red Wine that meets anyone’s budget and taste. Come by and see me or ask any ABC Fine Wine And Spirits Specialist for one of these 3 wines if you are in Florida. Or check out ABC’s Website at and order on line. In Florida remember you can order via Home Delivery through SHIPT or INSTACART. Try any one of these three Barbera D Astis . You will not be disappointed. 

Grape-fully yours, Larry 





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