Hooking Up My Peeps During A Pandemic

I can’t sew you a face mask. I know these are really anxious times and emotional times for all of us. I have learned that watching the “Numbers” all day long or checking in on social media all day long, doesn’t help. It actually makes things worse. While many of us are in quarantine, we need a distraction. I always get asked if I knew of any type of book or classes they could take that wouldn’t be too advanced, to learn more about wine.

Cristie Norman is one of the most easy to understand sommeliers I know. She spent every ounce of energy and funds to put together what I think is the most easy to understand, fun and entertaining online wine course that I know. Some courses on any subject can go right over our heads or put us to sleep. I promise you after taking this fun and extremely educational wine course, you will not be sleeping.

This is where I could do my part during a pandemic. I know Cristie’s course is very affordable and well worth it but during a pandemic and so many including Cristie herself don’t know the next time they will be back at  a job or getting income. Soooo I asked, actually I begged lol, Cristie if there was any type of special pricing she could offer to all my peeps who are sitting at home and could use this type of great educational tool for knowledge and for a distraction from all the scary stuff on TV. Luckily, she is a colleague and good friend so she created a 50% Special Pricing PROMO CODE just for my people. So here is what you do.

The website is ONLINE WINE COURSE  


BADA BING BADA BOOM….. 50% Off ONLY For my Wine Peeps

Stay Healthy, Stay Well, Stay Safe.. And I do hope you enjoy this course. I did. Now you won’t need me anymore for wine advice 😦

Grape-fully yours, Larry

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