I Am Home But Still Here For You!!

I didn’t think many of my followers wanted to hear about Washington State Wine during a horrible Global Pandemic. I personally took some time off to try remove myself as much as possible to stay home and stay safe. This doesn’t mean we don’t need our wine and or spirits. Many would say we need them now more than ever. I want to recommend in this video to all who will listen that you can still have just about all the essential items you need to sustain including wine but use alternative methods of getting those items to your home because GOING OUT IS DANGEROUS. That Simple. YOUR HEALTH IS NUMBER ONE. In case you need any form of advice on what wines to order for your delivery order online or from a home delivery service, I am here for you. I want us all to get to the other side of this and talk bout Cork Taint or Bordeaux but the best way to get to that other side is STAY HOME. Your life may depend on it.

Grape-fully yours, Larry


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