If Cabs And Merlots Are Blended , Then What Is A Red Blend?

I think we have learned over and over that most wines in America that are labeled Cabernet or Merlot Or Zinfandel Or Syrah are NOT 100% of that varietal and are only required by law to have 75% and are blended. Then if that is a fact, what is in the wine sections labeled RED BLENDS? They all, technically are BLENDS. Here is my take on it and I APOLOGIZE in advance for the really poor Bernie Sanders Impersonation .

Grape-fully yours, Larry

2 thoughts on “If Cabs And Merlots Are Blended , Then What Is A Red Blend?

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your perspective. In the current world of retail or on premise wines along with branding and social media it’s not as easy to get a customer out of their varietal wine rut as maybe it was in the past by providing just service. The customer comes in with a pre determined brand and or grape varietal such as “I only drink merlot and my husband only drinks Cabernet and this is the brand my manicurist told me about “ Same thing for what car dealerships call the “Educated Consumer “. They come in the dealership with all the invoice prices on cars from Kelly blue book and other online sources. That’s not going to stop a car dealer from making their margins. They have to re invent their approach. I know one thing for sure that if you just provide service you will never in today’s world be making the margins you need to provide. A retailer won’t even need a sommelier just a clerk who fetches the bottles that the customer shows you on their smartphone that their mother-in-law told them they must have. I find different approaches if someone staring in the Cabernet section and never ever seeing the other 16 aisles of wine and saying “Isn’t it interesting that so many of our customers come in only to look at Cabernet but yet even though the sign says Cabernet a good percentage of these wines only contain 75% of Cabernet and 7 other grapes are blended. They say “I never knew that “ Then I have a customer who was just educated about a fact they never knew and it gives me credibility and they are now ready to describe their style of wine whether silky and soft or big dry tannic robust wines and then you offer them a sample of some wine that they love and say “OMG this is exactly what I wanted “ “Is this 100% Cabernet “ I reply “ actually this is 60% Syrah 20% Carignan and 20% Grenache from Minervois in the south of France for $12.99 “. They are shocked because before they met me they were convinced they ONLY Drink Cabernets. Now they feel empowered. The 75% rule when approached correctly will be a very very effective tool to get a customer out of their varietal box

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