Best Rhone Value In YEARS!!!

Bouzons Domaine

6 Generations Of Passion

In some families one generation follows the next in the same trade, in particular when passion serves to pass on the torch! This is the case here on the land of the Domaine des Bouzons, where six generations of a dedicated family of winegrowers and winemakers have tended to the vineyard.  Today this domaine is owned and run by Marc, his wife Claudine, and their son, Nicolas Serguier

Unique Terroir In Cotes Du Rhone

Bouzons Vineyards

With 30 hectares of vineyard in the Gard Côtes-du-Rhône the Domaine des Bouzons comes to life around a XVIIth century that was built by an ancestor in the family. Four hundred years ago a spring used to gush forth at this location, and still does today. The vineyard is composed essentially of root stock that are more than 55 years old, and is implanted on the plateau and hillsides that overlook the Rhône Valley. A typically Mediterranean Terroir, made up of rocky clay-limestone soil with rolled pebbles, where the sun is King and with the Mistral (Northwestern wind that hits in the southern Rhone to keep things cool ) as its faithful ally

2017 Domaine Des Bouzons

La Felicite Cotes Du Rhone

Bouzon Domaine Large

THIS IS NOT A TYPO….Yes we know Grenache is KING in the Southern Rhone especially in Cotes Du Rhone, and Chateauneuf Du Pape. This Cotes Du Rhone is 80% SYRAH and only 20% Grenache. That’s very atypical for a Southern Rhone  Red.

Hand-picked, total stemming. 20-day vatting. 40% Syrah is matured in oak casks for 10 months. Light filtration. You might find small natural deposits or Sediment… Don’t freak out…it won’t hurt you !! It’s that simple. Nothing more technical. People like this don’t consider themselves winemakers. They are farmers first and making wine is a hobby. They are passionate about their unique terroir and when I saw 80% Syrah I had to take it out for a test drive at $13.99 per bottle.

My Review

Bouzon Bottle Glasss

Bouzon Glass

A Good hour in advance opening and a slight chill is recommended for this wine. I couldn’t believe how dark the ruby red almost blackish/purplish on the fringe this wine was. 13.9% ABV and only 40% of the Syrah Crop was aged in Oak Casks but still a medium bodied frame. FINALLY a nose off a wine that speaks of the terroir and the varietals in the wine. Deep dark scents of Black Currant, Black Raspberry, Mushroom, Nutmeg, Scorched Earth and White Pepper. I could smell this wine for days without taking a sip and still be enamored by it. What a Mid-Palate this wine has. Juicy dark black berry fruits, balanced acidity, savory herbs finishing with Sweet earthy tannins and hints of roasted espresso bean while the just enough spicy finish makes you want to drink the whole bottle by yourself. The family’s dream is to buy some land in Chateauneuf Du Pape. If there is insider trading allowed , count me in. My money is on them. This might be the Cotes Du Rhone or Any Part of The Rhone Value of the Decade IMHO!!! $13.99 and drinks like $40.00 There is not any faults in this wine that I could detect and nothing of criticism that I can even write about here. I will score this wine based on quality to price ratio 95 Points. The passion shines through. I am only sorry that I ordered 6 Bottles of this wine before I tried it for my job instead of 600 Bottles. Everyone needs to buy this wine!!

My Summary

I know it’s odd with the 80% Syrah and 20% Grenache when most Cotes Du Rhone are inverse on the percentages. Being the SYRAH Freak that I am and after two weeks reviewing good wines from Washington State and Crozes-Hermitage that had faults and didn’t do justice to the Syrah Varietal…It was so exciting to review a wine at $13.99 that in a blind tasting an entry level student studying for their foundation level somm test in 5 minutes would spot on guess SYRAH as the dominant grape. Pair this wine with anything off the grill, lamb, beef, mushroom dishes, aged cheeses or even pizza and dark chocolate. Heck just pair it with a glass and a cracker!! I believe dreams do come true and I believe the Serguier family dreaming of buying vineyards in Chateauneuf Du Pape which is right next to them will 100% become a reality and I want my name to be first on the list to buy a case. BUY THIS Cotes Du Rhone. It’s the Rhone Wine Value of The Decade

Grape-fully yours, Larry

Marc and Claudine Serguier

Bouzon Owners



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