Always Be Celebrating…Life !!


Myself included, am on a budget when I buy wine for everyday drinking. If there is one comment all my customers say on a regular basis is “I just need a wine for everyday drinking. Nothing special.” I get that. Do you know what? You are special. Life is special. We see on the news everyday that some celebrity passed away at a much younger age than ever expected. We all have bucket lists. We just don’t know when we will kick the bucket. I am not suggesting buy $500 bottles or even $100 bottles of wine. Once a month at least, we owe it to ourselves to splurge on a $40-$80 bottle of wine. Life has to be more than just paying bills and watching a strict budget. You only live ONCE!. Here’s just a few suggestions in that medium price range above your everyday wine price of under $20 so you can treat yourself now and then. Great wine isn’t only for Celebrations. Everyday we wake up we should “Always Be Celebrating”…Life. Here’s To Life !!!

Grape-fully yours, Larry

One thought on “Always Be Celebrating…Life !!

  1. Great point!!!

    Mike McBride Regional Vice President ABC Fine Wine & Spirits

    8989 S Orange Ave Orlando FL 32824 | 407-851-0000 ext. 2234 |

    Always Be Celebrating

    Please celebrate responsibly.


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