This Wine’s Comin’ Round The Mountain!

Red Mountain A.V.A

Red Mountain AVA Sign

Captain Washington is happy to see that the new members to ABC Fine Wine and Spirit’s Block Wine Family is including  a couple of more from Washington State. I notice that almost all except one are all made by Precept Brands in their Waterbrook Walla Walla large facility. What I like is that the grapes are being sourced from different growing areas throughout the large Columbia Valley. The Block 220 was also from my favorite appellation in Washington Wine Country, Red Mountain and it was a little too soft and ripe for me. The new Block 205 is from Red Mountain. What makes Red Mountain So Special?

The Red Mountain AVA is the smallest in the state at only 4,040 acres (1,630 ha) in area. The area has 600 acres (240 ha) under cultivation of primarily red varietals. The Missoula Floods, a series of massive floods that occurred at the end of the last Ice Age, profoundly affected the soils of Red Mountain. The fast traveling flood waters, estimated at 390 meters tall, would sweep around the east and west edges of Red Mountain, creating powerfully back-eddies. As a result of the back-eddies, sediments were deposited in an irregular manner, creating a heterogeneous soil with a series of gravel lenses. In the 10,000 years since the Missoula floods, wind-blown loess was deposited, creating a thin mantle of dunes that vary in thickness throughout Red Mountain. This has created a series of soils that differ from those of the immediately surrounding area. The area is known for producing powerful, tannic red wines.The wines are known for their balance in flavors, with an intense concentration of berry flavors. Compared to the Cabernet Sauvignon produced in other areas of the state, the Cabernets here are more structured than fruit-driven. Grapes from this area are in high demand and vineyards with notable reputations. The famous collaboration wine between Marchesi Antinori and Chateau Ste Michelle, Col Solare is produced in this area as well as most of Washington States 100 Point Cult Wines.

2016 Block 205 Cabernet Sauvignon

Block 205 Front

Block 205 Rear

This is comprised of all hand selected grapes from Red Mountain and vinted by and bottled by our team of winemakers at Precept Brands to showcase the smallest appellation in Washington State but the intensity and depth that the fruit growing in this desert like climate can produce

My Review

Block 205 Glass

Right off the bat from the deep dark purple color, I can see signs leading me to Red Mountain. On the nose dark, slightly smoky (20 Months Aged in Oak) berry fruit and hints of a dark mocha, I can tell this will be a less ripe style than our Block 220. On the palate a medium to full body mouth feel, with really intense blackberry and black currant flavors but not overripe, it literally slides to the the back palate like silk. finishing with Mocha , Baking Spices and integrated but young tannins. Personally. this is more my style and expression of Red Mountain than our running our of stock Block 220. I would score this 90 out of 100 points and this would be the perfect pairing for, standing rib roast, lamb chops, squab, and some lightly aged hickory smoked cheeses.

The Summary

This might be my last entry until after Christmas where I will then focus on strictly unique champagnes for New Year’s Eve. This wine at $24.99 would easily cost $55-75 out of Napa Valley. You can see why so many 100 point wines like Quilceda Creek pull grapes from this special A.V.A. in Washington State. For such a large production facility like Waterbrook and Precept Brands, this has every attention to detail and I can’t see even a Napa Valley Cab drinker saying they didn’t like this. The quality to price ratio is certainly there. Everyone have a Happy Holiday and we will start again between Xmas and New Year’s Eve. Attention Block, 1029, 1031, 218, there is a New Kid on your block and he or she (PC) is “Comin’ Round The RED Mountain”. Cheers!

Grape-fully yours, Larry

A Pretty Shot Of Red Mountain


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