The “Gift” Is The Wine Bottle..Not A Box!


I get it. It’s holiday time and we are scurrying around shopping for gifts as it is only 22 days until Christmas. I also get when you are at the department stores you head upstairs to Gift Wrapping to try to present the present in a special way or stick it under the tree.  Trust me! I haven’t steered you wrong yet. For Wine Lovers like myself or whomever the recipient of the wine you are searching for as a “Gift”, the only presentation we need is a unique, hard to find non commercial bottle of wine. If your lawyer or doctor or family member or significant other loves wine or is just a novice, the bottle is enough packaging for us. If you want to go the extra mile you can purchase a gift bag for this unique wine or retailers like ABC Fine Wine and Spirits  in Florida for any wine over $10 Sourced and Certified Exclusives (Which is what you want..that unique bottle at any price $10 or Above) gift wrapping with a bow is complimentary. Even that, for me and most cork dorks is overkill but if it makes you feel good….go ahead and present it to us that way. What I am not recommending you do is search all over the planet and online for any kind of wine, good, bad or commercial to give a wine lover like me not because it was recommended by  someone but ONLY for the reason that it happens to be the 1 out of 9,000 wines that is marketed during the holiday season in some sort of cardboard or plastic box. The wine to us …trust me,, I swear is the GIFT. We want the Wine and we couldn’t care less if it even comes in a plastic bag. We can’t drink the box or the plastic wrap as we have to drink the wine. I still stress the unique factor and most if any of the wines do come in a box, I can almost guarantee you it is not a unique wine but they are using the box to get you to buy that commercial brand. If you live in Florida, stop by an ABC Fine Wine and Spirits store near you and ask your Wine and Spirits Specialist for a Gift Recommendation that will WOW the recipient but don’t be stuck on just buying anything if it comes in a box.

Grape-fully yours, Larry

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