Tired Of Drinking The Same Wine???

Us Sommeliers go thru quite an extensive training and blind tasting curriculum at any level, and it is all driven by our Passion for wine and to spread the gospel. Yes we know that you as the consumer are entitled to buy the same wine, the same brand and the same grape over and over for the next 25 years, as that is your preference. With all that passion, believe me, we are just chomping at the bit in a restaurant or wine retail store for you to approach us to ask for a recommendation for something new. It’s not a bother. It is what we live for. It’s why we show up to work day in and day out. IF you are ready to break away from the Wine Rut and expand your palate a bit, all you have to do is ask. It will be our pleasure to assist. 


Grape-fully yours, Larry

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