Drink And Eat Like A Sicilian !!

We Need A Category Called Pizza And Pasta Wines

I have always said that all Wine Retailers should have a category or section called “Pizza and Pasta Wines” . Basically wines from all over the world that pair well with simple Tomato Sauce based dishes of Pasta and America’s Favorite Fast Food, Pizza. When I personally think of these food pairings, I go on Netflix and watch Goodfellas or anything with Joe Pesci in it and I  make believe I am Sicilian . When it comes to Sicilian Grape Varieties, I can’t help but think of Nero D’Avola. This is not usually a wine for just chilling and watching Ray Donovan. This is not the glass of wine I want after a hard days work to mellow out. This is the wine I want with My Pizza or Eggplant Parm or Pasta with a simple Tomato Based Sauce. 

2015 Caruso & Minini Terre Di Giumara Nero D’Avola

Nero Front

With the popularity these days of wines from Mt, Etna and Nerellos I feel that Nero D’Avola has taken a backseat and forgotten about. We had a choice of 2 where I work. I have been staring at this wine for 9 months now and never explored it and I used to always want a solid Nero D’Avola with a bowl of pasta with homemade Sauce. Notice on the Cork this winery is located on the Western part of Sicily in Marsala. 

Caruso Vineyards

The country estate which today is called Terre di Giumara (Land of Giumara) started at the end of the nineteenth century by the initiative of Antonino Caruso.

These were years when the scourge of phylloxera had just been defeated and Marsala’s grape-growing activity was reviving.
The land chosen by Antonino and his son Francesco turned out to be perfect for the production of high quality grapes particularly desirable to Marsala’s wine establishments. The contribution that the type of soil, altitude and distance from the sea could give to the quality of the grapes produced was discovered by the son of Francesco Nino, who in the middle of the 1900’s at a very young age, led the family company.
Today, Terre di Giumara is led by Stefano Caruso along with his brothers Francesco and Roberto, who decided to use the name of the family estate for the line of the Caruso & Minini’s single variety of wine.

This is a tribute to the work that four generations of vintners have done to improve the quality of the grapes produced.

The Wine Review

Nero Glass

Everything about this wine was textbook 100% Nero D’Avola. Dark Ruby Red in the center ,medium bodied. Aromas of forest berries and prunes so typical. Only 30% Of the harvest is aged for 4 months only in Large Oak Casks but yet the sweet smell of cedar was there. On the palate tart cherry, prune and dark plum skins showed themselves with a very expressive juiciness that finished with hints of grippy tannins and a dash of mint and dark spice and bitter almond. It was a solid Nero D’Avola but certainly nothing to write home about. I will score the wine 86/100 with remembering that is my review of the wine by itself not with food.


Sicilian Foods

Quality to price ratio at $17.99 is maybe $1-$2.00 high for this wine. The bottom line is that if you eat any of these classic dishes from Sicily or you are invited over to an Italian’s home for Sunday Dinner for some Caponata or Rice Balls (Arancini) or my favorite, Pasta Alla Norma with Fried Eggplants, Ricotta Salata Cheese, Fresh Tomatoes, Or whether you just want to have your favorite Pizza Delivered, I can’t think of a better wine and food pairing than Sicilian Food with a Native Sicilian Wine Nero D’Avola. Cin Cin, and Manga!! Don’t forget to put on Goodfellas in the background!!

Grape-fully yours, Larry





4 thoughts on “Drink And Eat Like A Sicilian !!

  1. When do you want to go out for Pasta alla Norma, also one of my favorites? I’m surprised you didn’t mention blueberries as one of the descriptors which is typically prominent in Nero D’Avola.

    1. I love that dish. I didn’t get any blueberry at all which I agree is typical of Nero D’Avola. It had lots of plum and tart cherry and forest berries. Perfect example of a wine and food pairing

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