Wish I Had A Sommelier With Me All The Time!! NOW YOU CAN!!

I am so pleased to be back working for ABC Fine Wines And Spirits. I would be a very wealthy man if I received a dollar for every time a guest in a restaurant or at ABC has said to me either “Can I Take You With Me When I Shop For Wine”? or ” I Wish I Had A Sommelier With Me All The Time”  BREAKING NEWS: NOW YOU CAN!!

No Other Retailer or Sommelier in this country that I know of is offering this FREE Personalized Service to the entire Country!! Whether you are at my location of ABC in Sunrise, Florida or at any ABC Fine Wine And Spirits Location and maybe the Wine And Spirits Specialist is off that day or if you are shopping on ABC’s website and are unsure of what to put in your Basket to order at http://www.abcfws.com  or whether you are out of the State of Florida on vacation or dining at a Restaurant and the staff has no knowledge of what wine to recommend with your dinner… I am  available as if I was right there next to you, 24/7 365 days a year!! This is not a scam. I am 100% for real! You can now have your very own personal level 2 Certified Sommelier with you  Annnnnd get a response in  minutes even if we have to FaceTime or Text or even a call. There is no catch. I promise. What’s the cost to you? (Don’t think it…here comes the catch) All you need to do to make you eligible for my FREE Services is Follow my BLOG that you are reading this on. There is also a spot on the left side of your screen where you can enter your email address as well and be notified anytime I post new content about ABC’s Direct To You Wines or some Wine Education …. Only Cost is HIT THE FOLLOW BUTTON!. 

You can also after you are a Larry The Wine Guy Follower, hit the ASK THE WINE GUY TAB and send me a direct email and I will respond back with my Cell Phone which will make this Free Service easier to use. I am your Wine Servant, Your Personal Guru, Your Personal Sommelier right at the touch of a button on your Smartphone 24/7  So hurry up and hit the Follow button and I look forward to serving you and all your wine needs and also in person at ABC in Sunrise or another location you might find me in. “ALWAYS BE CELEBRATING”  Grape-fully yours,  Larry

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