Wine Lovers, Foodies, How You Can Help!

Maybe the bottom of people’s minds in America right now is Wineries, Tasting Rooms, Restaurants, Food Servers, Bartenders. If you are a wine lover and foodie like me I am sure you have your personal favorites like mine is Washington State and Oregon Pinots, and I personally worked in Restaurants and Bars as a Food Server, Sommelier, Bar Manager. These wineries whether in California, Oregon or Washington State have been shut down for tasting rooms right before fall releases. Restaurants have closed down maybe indefinitely that puts so many scrambling to survive. If you enjoy wine or dining out or going tasting, this pandemic calls for us helping each other not just me, me ,me. I have some thoughts how we can give back to these industries until hopefully we are back to some form of normalcy. I pray we all come out of this safe and still healthy to enjoy more wine and food.

Grape-fully yours, Larry

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