Red Wine With Fish Or Veggies? Yes!!


So many non meat and fish only and vegetarians are depriving themselves of drinking Red Wines because they are falsely buying into the myth that Red Wine with Meats and White Wines with Fish or Salads etc. There are so many regions in the world for example, Sicily, Puglia in Southern Italy where Fish is King but pairs wonderful with Red Wines of the region. Oregon is known for Wild Salmon and yet consumers think only Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc but yet the Pinot Noirs from that area are a much better pairing. Now we don’t want big, tannic, reds with fish because they tend to give the fish a metallic taste however, big fruit forward and juicy reds with fish or a vegetarian meal, in my opinion pairs BETTER than White Wines. This video shows you just a small handful of Red Wines in that fruit forward style, that would work perfectly with non red meat dishes or just vegetables. Don’t buy into those wives tales!

Grape-fully yours, Larry

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