Gluten Free, Vegan, Organic, Labeling?


Does that water you drink make you feel SMART? Is that frozen dinner really HEALTHY? Does that white wine make you RELAX over any other white wine? This is marketing catch phrases. Marketing companies are paid the big bucks to figure out in a competitive market how to get you to choose their product over the same or better quality product in the same category. They check out whatever the “Catch Phrase or Words” for that moment is and they slap it in big letters on the label of the product and sadly consumers buy into that nonsense. Water that makes you SMART? Puhleeeze.

Wine labels, not all, are using words that some are legitimate and some are not. Some require certifications but some do not. Some can afford to get that certification and some don’t want to spend the money to get the certification because they farm the grapes in a method that is good for the wine and them NOT just to attract you to a product to buy it, good or not.

I hope this video at least makes clear one thing about wine labels. DO NOT BUY WINES THAT SAY GLUTEN FREE… GUESS WHAT?? Grapes, Sugar, HAVE ZERO GLUTEN so ALL WINES are legally GLUTEN FREE Already so it’s just on the label cause the wine itself is not up to snuff. SULFITE FREE is against the law. Sulphur Dioxide is not a harmful substance. 1% Of the WORLD’S Population is truly allergic to Sulfites and they also must avoid many more products than WINE such as any dried fruit or even WHITE WINE has double the amount of Sulfites than Red Wine and consumers think the opposite. NEW LEGAL Labeling for wine 1- No ADDITIONAL Sulfites added! The wine still naturally has Sulfites but no ADDITIONAL so NOT sulfite Free.2- Minimal Sulfites Detected but again still has Sulfites.

ORGANIC.!! I like Organic. It costs  a lot of money to get the Certification so most good wineries do this for themselves as farmers but some don’t want to spend the money but they are 100% Organic. So when looking for or asking for an Organic Wine…ask your Sommelier and do your research… MANY thousands of Wines Are 100% Organic and WILL NOT MENTION IT ON THE LABEL… This involves having TRUST with your wine retailer. Vegan I get it and  Don’t get it? Yes wines that need to be less cloudy or clarified use a FINING Agent such as Gelatin (From a Fish Bladder) Or more commonly Egg Whites. Technically these wines which are most are NOT VEGAN Legally but again after filtration and bottling there is NO LAB in the world that will be able to detect any traceable amount of Egg White or Animal Protein so All Wine in my Eyes are Vegan in the final product but if you are diehard Vegan …then look for the 3-6 labels that say VEGAN but keep in mind those wines or Natural Wines usually are not to0 palatable … I hope this Video Clarifies (No Egg Whites) Some of the confusion of Wine Labeling in 2019 and ” Don’t Panic, It’s Organic”

Grape-fully yours, Larry

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