Take a “Wine-Cation”


It’s been many years but it’s time for me to take a vacation. As much as i speak about the fine wines of Washington State, I have never been there. I decided it was about time!. I will have lots to blog about when I return. Of course you can follow my adventures on IG or Twitter at @LarryWineGuy  until I return. If you are a Wine Lover like me then just don’t think about taking some R &R but you can make it into a Wine-Cation like me. 48 out of 50 States in the USA and just about every country outside of The USA has Wine. You don’t have to make the entire trip focused around wine like me but you can include it into almost any place you visit if you have time. I give you a few suggestions of places you might be visiting that would include some stops at wineries or tasting rooms. I look forward to seeing you here  after my Wine-Cation. Captain Washington needs to g0 rescue the State lol.

Grape-fully yours, Larry

The Talented Eddie Perez… Captain Washington!

Eddie Captain

2 thoughts on “Take a “Wine-Cation”

  1. Enjoy Captain!
    Eddie definitely has a drawing talent!

    Mike McBride
    Regional Vice President
    ABC Fine Wine & Spirits

    8989 S Orange Ave Orlando FL 32824 | 407-851-0000 ext. 2234 | abcfws.com

    Always Be Celebrating

    Please celebrate responsibly.

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