Wine And Whisky For Dad!


Just like any other holiday, gift giving has two different theories especially when it comes to Wine and Spirits. Trust me! Even if you don’t know what to get your father and you ask someone that knows what he drinks, they are 99.9% going to text you a picture or suggest a wine or spirit that they have seen him drink many times and is sold just about everywhere. The reason I do these blogs and I why I suggest you DON’T Purchase the names of what your friends or mother tells you dad drinks , because that means he drinks that and buys it over and over because it is a brand that is sold at any retailer that carries Wine and Spirits. Now, don’t misunderstand me. I am not suggesting if your father likes Gin to buy him Champagne. What I am strongly suggesting that you do once you have the information of what category of Wine Or Spirit your dad always buys and consumes is you still stay in that category but you shop at a specialty store and seek out a brand in the same category that your dad has never ever had before and will never be able to buy for himself. Whomever said…It’s The Thought That Counts is CORRECT. Your Dad can’t ask someone to buy him a brand of let’s say Vodka that he has never seen on the market or tried himself so he buys what is readily available. I promise you that is the way I recommend giving a “Gift” because you took the time to search and ask questions of experts to seek out a Wine or Spirit in your dad’s category that is so unique he will automatically know that you put extra special thought into finding the perfect gift. I know my Dad loved a certain scotch that is sold everywhere but if he were alive, I would never buy him that brand. I would spend time seeking out a scotch that was made in such small quantities that he couldn’t find it himself. Some will still go with the popular brands and that’s ok too but I gave you some suggestions that will make your dad says…”Hmmmmm Where in The World Did You Buy This” Don’t worry dad! I just wanted to find you something unique and special like you are. Happy Father’s Day Everyone!.

Grape-fully yours, Larry

Miss My Dad… I Was Only 8 Years Old!!



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