Rosé Season??? I didn’t Get The Memo!

Every Spring and Summer I am confused and perplexed when I read or hear people say that Rosé Season is here?? When did it go away? The category of Rosé wines are literally the most food friendly category all year long. Almost every type of food in any season pairs well with this category. Is it just because the color of the wine is not White, or Red and it is Pink? Do we think of these wines as only for warm weather but yet we will drink Champagne all in December for New Year’s Eve and holiday time and that is served chilled and we drink beer all year long and we drink Martinis Ice Cold, and White Wines Cold?? I just never will comprehend when I worked in Philadelphia or Virginia how the importers and distributors advised me to stock up on my Rosés for the entire year because they don’t bring any in “OUT OF SEASON” Out of Season? Here are some suggestions for quality Rosé Wine that you SHOULD be able to find all year and you SHOULD be drinking all year long. I hope you didn’t get the memo either.

Grape-fully yours, Larry

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