Wine’s All About The QPR!!!


It’s after the holidays and a new year and many of us are financially tapped out. To me all throughout the year and even when I curated restaurant wine lists as a Sommelier, I always differ from many of my colleagues opinions. BOLD STATEMENT ALERT!!!! CLOSE YOUR EYES FELLOW SOMMS. “No Wine Is Worth Over $100 In My Strong Opinion”. I believe the #1 wine of the year is a fantastic wine but it won’t be on my radar at $220 per bottle. I love DRC but it won’t be in my wine cellar. I hear all about the supply and demand, the history of the winery, the cost of grapes and or land etc in certain parts of the world and how if someone has the wealth to spend $4000 on one bottle of wine, who am I to make BOLD STATEMENTS like I make. I heard it all and REPEAT BOLD STATEMENT ALERT: “No Wine In The World In My Very Strong Opinion Is Worth More Than $100!!” You can open your eyes now. We are talking about fermented grape juice and some much better than others but not 300 times better. For those wine lovers like me who drink wine almost daily or for those who drink for special occasions or buy birthday gifts etc, here are some suggestions for wines that are way under $100 that deliver amazing experiences and most importantly to me is , they all provide amazing QPR: QUALITY TO PRICE RATIO!! Cheers to buying 2 cases of great wines for the cost of what many wine consumers pay for ONE BOTTLE.

Grape-fully yours, Larry

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