Only Wine Review That Matters…YOURS!

Today is the day that Wine Spectator magazine starts revealing their Top 10 Wines of 2018 little by little until the end of the week the entire Top 100 Wines including their Number One Wine Of The Year. It’s all HYPE!. I am a Certified Level 2 Sommelier and I am here to tell you that the entire 100 Point Ratings or Phone Apps with Reviews means totally NOTHING!. If I recommend a wine that received 97 Points and YOU personally don’t like it …What good are the Reviews??? Now a good reviewer or more so a Sommelier who is interacting with you, if they are doing their jobs correctly, should be taking the two most important factors into consideration when making a Recommendation. 1- Your PERSONAL Style or Flavor Profile of the Wine and 2-  YOUR Budget. Don’t ask us for a GOOD WINE or what WE LIKE. Unless the reviewer including myself is coming over to drink with you, what WE like doesn’t matter. It’s YOUR Review of the wine that is pleasing to YOUR Palate and Price point that matters. So we all will be looking at the Top 100 List. As of this writing I can tell you that Number 10 Wine of The Year was Bedrock Red Blend from California 95 Points and Number 9 was from Mt Etna And  Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio  wine from Sicily 95 Points. Use the list or any review as a guideline when selecting a wine but the bottom line is that the ONLY Review that matters is YOURS!

Grape-fully yours, Larry


One thought on “Only Wine Review That Matters…YOURS!

  1. Great Zach but you can purchase that commercial brand just about anywhere including supermarkets. I strongly suggest you try the 2015 (you didn’t mention any vintage for Fransican and the vintage or year is very important) Besadian Cabernet from Washington State. It is one penny more at $19.99 instead of $19.98 and ten times the wine. It drinks like a $40-$50 wine from California

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