“French Soul, Oregon Soil”

Keep It In The Family The Drouhin Family’s winemaking roots run deep, having taken hold in Burgundy’s best vineyards more than a century ago. Through the years, there has been a very clear link, a continuum, that inhabits Maison Joseph Drouhin, and now Domaine Drouhin Oregon.  On the left is the daughter of Robert Drouhin, […]

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2012 Oregon Pinot, Game Over !!!

I have said it before to all my Oregon Winemaker friends, I realize you had to clear your warehouses of 2011 product however, it was not a “DIFFERENT” Vintage than 2012. It just plain SUCKED!!! Even now, Wine Spectator is calling the 2012 vintage SUPERB, AMAZING, THE VINTAGE OF THE DECADE!! I may not go […]

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