Sangiovese: It’s More Than Just Chianti


When the average consumer thinks of Italian Wine they automatically think or ask for a Chianti. Many falsely believe Chianti is a type of wine when in fact it is a region in Tuscany. The MAIN grape used in most Tuscan Wines is Sangiovese. Once you know that, there are many more options in all different price ranges that you might be skipping over because they don’t say Chianti on the label when in fact they have more quantity of Sangiovese in many cases, than Chianti does. Even though Hannibel Lechter in “Silence of the Lambs” said his famous line ” I want some Fava Beans and A Nice Chianti”, maybe he should have said, ” I want some Fava Beans and a Nice Sangiovese”?

Grape-fully yours, Larry

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