Use O.P.B During O.N.D. !


Sommeliers don’t know anything about Dentistry or The Stock Market. We study wine. We learn the art of pairing wine with food and matching  guest’s palates with the right recommendations within the right budget. This video urges consumers in any situation that can use the help of a “Professional Opinion” to use O.P.B. or Other People’s Brains. I am sure your phone app is helpful when you are in a situation where no expert advice is available and I am sure your sister in law or manicurist loves to drink wine and  her advice might be right but especially during the holidays to make a proper impression and put some thought into your gifts O.P.B. can assist you in doing that as we go into the busy time for retailers O.N.D. or October, November, December. Whether at a Fine Dining Restaurant or a Real Estate Closing or A Secret Santa the best thing you can do when it comes to wine advice, is put away the cell phones, thank your hairdresser and then use the professional opinions of the experts if available to you who live, breathe, think and dream about wine. Sommeliers are never like any professional opinion 100% correct ALL the time. The odds however of us getting it right with  a wine recommendation certainly highly increases over the picture that was sent to you by your pizza delivery person. We are here to make you and your guest’s HAPPY.

Grape-fully yours, Larry

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