Sangria Should Be Made Ahead Of Time. Why Bother??

If you go to a Restaurant and see Sangria being made to order…Don’t Order !! The entire concept of course originating in Spain not Mexico as some think or certainly not from the USA, is to use leftover Spanish Wine, add some Spanish Brandy, add some sugar, fruit juices and the most important part, MACERATING Fruits from 24-48 Hours. So obviously it is a simple process but not one that is made to order. 


Bodegas Valdepablo in Zaragoza , Spain specializes and wins awards for their , “As Good As Homemade ” Sangria! You can actually taste the Spanish Wine and The Real Fruits used. Unless you live in Spain, you are back to making it yourself. Not if you live in the State Of Florida. I usually never recommend to purchase a pre ready made Sangria but lo and behold at ABC Fine Wines And Spirits our Purchasing Department contracted with none other than the infamous Bodegas Valdepablo in Spain and  we carry all of these wonderful “Good As Homemade” Sangrias under the “DIRECT TO YOU” (ABC EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTS IN FLORIDA) under the name FOLIA Sangria but it is made as you can see on the back of the label by Bodegas Valdepablo in Zaragoza , Spain!! Cha Ching!! 


Throw an Orange Slice in each Glass just to fool people into thinking you worked on this Sangria for 24-48 Hours and I promise, everyone will want your Recipe. I lived in Spain for 2 years so this is exactly the Real Deal without any hassle at all. This week was Spanish Wine Week… but Always Be Celebrating guests at ABC Fine Wines And Spirits.. every week is Some form of Wine Week. Stop by and see me in Sunrise Florida or an ABC Fine Wines And Spirits in the State of Florida near you or order online at and try  an authentic tasting Sangria!! SALUD!! Grape-fully yours, Larry 







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