Let’s Do BRUNCH!!

  It is the month of May and we have Mother’s Day then Memorial Day then Father’s Day and Bridal Showers, And Engagement Parties, And Tennis and Golf Clubs and Graduations and that means BRUNCH!. I get so many people from Spring thru Summer requesting Wines for a Brunch or Celebration Luncheon so I thought […]

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Prosecco= Collalto! Game Over!!

I don’t know which CRAZE is more popular right now Rose or Prosecco. It took 25 years for Americans to finally believe what us in the Wine Industry have been telling them that Rose is not Sweet White Zinfandel but a Dry, Lighter form of Red Wine. Now that Prosecco is every other guest’s wish […]

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Popping The Cork And Sparkling Wines For Everyday Not Just Celebrations!!

SOME OTHER GREAT SPARKLING WINES TO TRY COLLALTO PROSECCO (MY FAVE AND A PROSECCO SUPERIORE) COLLALTO SPUMANTE ROSE (MOSCATO MANZONI GRAPE…DELISH) FRANCIACORTA (Made In The Same Method As Champagne) The Secret Of The Sparkling Wine World Jean Phillipe From Limoux (Fantastic Brut Value And A Vintage French Sparkling Wine) Villa Baglio Brachetto D’Aqui (Try This […]

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The Only Wine Event I Go To!

To be honest,most wine tasting events are a waste of time and a waste of money and boring. Let me tell you how I really feel lol. Most of these events the wines are furnished by big suppliers and big distributors and the never ending cycle of getting you loyal to a brand starts and […]

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