Have you had cool Climate Chardonnay?


The family established the property in 1943 and the vineyard 50 years later. Pioneering Oregonian and founder Bill Stoller purchased his family’s second-generation farm in 1993, guided by the vision of cultivating an enduring legacy for his family’s land. Over the last 25 years, he has patiently transformed the 400-acre property into the largest contiguous vineyard in Oregon’s Dundee Hills. Winemaker Melissa Burr (Told yiu women make the best winemakers ) has carried the vision of Bill Stoller to craft award winning wines


First and foremost if you are looking for butter bombs and 15% alcohol levels and lactic vanilla flavors skip this page. This is the exact opposite! This is 100% Chardonnay no blending and minimal Oak contact at the end in Neutral French Oak just to give the wine a richer mouthfeel This is a perfect old world Alcohol level of 12.5% It starts off in Cement tanks during fermentation then on to stainless steel tanks 2021 was a warm vintage but the heat of as high as 115 degrees came at just the right time. No negative effects on the Chardonnay grapes at all

The wine displays peach and apple aromas on tne palate has juicy but elegant frame leading to a taut long lasting lemon curd finish a really clean wine that only a trained palate would be able to decipher this wine between that of a white burgundy I really like this clean and crafted Chardonnay 92 points and highly recommended !

Bill Stoller


Hats off to Bill Stoller pictured above and his winemaking team and harvest crew . I Love your pinot noirs but this Chardonnay needs to be tried by every Wine Consumer that swears they Hate Chardonnay . This will make you love it again

Grape-fully yours,


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