FrOm The Wah-LUKE Slope

The Story

Owners Thomas and Kristin Vogele

Thomas and Kristin Vogele are the founding owners of LUKE Wines. Together they bring over 30 years in the wine business to the family owned winery. They are native to the Pacific Northwest as they both grew up in Kirkland. They run Luke wines operations from their home while the production is done at a private facility in Mattawa, Washington.

Meet Peter devison

Peter is the brilliant consulting winemaker of LUKE Wines. He has a winery of his own known as Devison Vintners. He was born in Halifax, Canada. The passion for wine came in British Columbia and New Zealand. Peter arrived in Eastern Washington in 2004 for what he thought was going to be a temporary harvest position.

15 years later and still in Washington State , Peter has won many accolades for his unique approach to winemaking and for both the LUKE wines and his Devison Vintners, He’s been featured in various wine publications

Location, Location, Location

Located in the Columbia Valley AVA on a lazy southern slope, THE WAHLUKE Slope (Wahuluke takes it’s name from the Native American Term for “Watering Place”, producers find some of the best growing conditions for Washington Wines and LUKE is no exception. LUKE obviously was a named derived from this desert like climate WAH-LUKE . It’s got some of the driest climate for grape growing and hot scorching temps in the day and the grapes get a chance to rest at night and what you get is a high degree of ripeness in the wines.

2018 Luke Cabernet Sauvignon


The 2018 Cab out of 20,000 wines reviewed for Wine Enthusiast Magazine made it to the Top 100 Wines of The Year and awarded what I would give the wine as well 92 Points out of 100

The wine is comprised of 96% Cabernet Sauvignon, 3% Malbec and just 1% Petit Verdot. 14.4% ABV and aged in both French and American Oak. Pretty aromas of Northwest berries and dark chocolate and violets. On the palate it is expressive but focused layering the mocha accented huckleberry and blackberry flavors with very polished chocolaty tannins and hints of cedar on a persistent finish. THIS WINE IS TOO EASY TO DRINK so be warned

The SUmmary

I have said it before and this wine makes me say it again. Washington State wines provide the Best Quality To Price Ratio in THE USA !! LUKE Cabernet is the perfect example of that. A Cab of equal or lesser value from Napa Valley would easily be 3 times or more the price and not as polished as this. At the time of this writing the price at your local ABC FINE WINE AND SPIRITS in The State Of Florida the wine is $19.99 In October 2021 with a Buy 2 and save $5.00 Promotion,

Go pick up a couple of bottles or a case and between the Promotion and the $10 Off every$100 you spend on wine with your ABC card that will be an instant savings of $50 off of the case!!! Tell them Captain Washington sent you and together we will be “Saving the Wine World From Overpriced California Wines’ ..Copyright 2019 Larry Baker

Grape-fully yours,


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