Buy Wines To Drink Today Not In 5 Years !

This recent Pandemic should teach all wine lovers a life lesson. YOLO, The days of past are limited to very few Wine Enthusiasts of buying wines and laying them down in their cellar for 5 or more years to age. I don’t advocate not having  a handful of wines you are saving for that special occasion but not as some diehard wine cellar owners still have 1500 bottles dating back to 1961 and they don’t want to enjoy them now? Most wine consumers don’t even like the recommendation of opening a bottle of $50 wine and telling them to let it breathe for an hour? They always ask “Don’t you have any wines I can open and drink immediately.”? Imagine the responses I get when  I say this wine shouldn’t be opened for another 10 years!! So yes, have a couple of bottles in your wine fridge that you are aging and waiting to drink but buy the bulk of your wines that are ready to drink today. Remember the old adage which is true all the time and even more so with the global concerns of Coronavirus and that is “Today is the Present and Tomorrow Will be A Gift” Pop Those Corks Now Folks And Enjoy Your Wine Tonight Not 20 years from now.


Grape-fully yours, Larry

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