Can Experts Help You? ONLY If you Let Them!!

Whether it is a second professional opinion for medical reasons or a mechanic’s opinion on whether or not to buy a used car or in getting assistance to expand your palates in the wine world, expert opinions are only helpful to the person seeking them if they are willing to let that professional help them. So many consumers search their diet regime or exercise routine or medical advice from the internet or other non professional sources and have a pre determined  mind made up attitude before asking a professional in their field of expertise if they can help them. Why bother doing that if your mind is already made up to do what the internet or your best friend or co worker told you to do in the first place? Don’t become those sheeple who don’t even listen to the restaurant server tell you about their favorite new menu item or the special of the day they tried earlier, if you have already before you even entered the restaurant made up your mind firmly without looking at the menu to order what your neighbor Shirley said was her favorite dish.

I always seek out the help of Other People’s Brains. I don’t even drink the same wine twice. Taking the advice of experts has opened my eyes to so many things in all areas of my life than if I would have not even listened to them. I suggest if you are a newbie to the wine world or a long time consumer, listen to an expert recommendation. 99% of the time you will be so happy you did.  Let us TRULY Help  you!

Grape-fully yours, Larry


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