Are You Stuck In Aisle #1??

I realize even for myself, change is difficult. We all get stuck in ruts. I interact with so many consumers on a daily basis shopping at the retail store I work at, that has a large wine selection, who in 15 years never knew we had 10 other Aisles with wines from all over the world. 99% of Red Wine Consumers ONLY shop the Cabernet Sauvignon Aisle and 75% Of White Wine Drinkers ONLY Shop the Chardonnay Aisle and the other 25% the Pinot Grigio/Sauvignon Blanc Aisle. When I do recommend an alternative to all of the above and they LOVE it, they tell me in 15 years they never knew all these other selections were in the store! The only way get out of this rut and expand your palates, is to keep repeating 200 times per day “75% 75%, 75%” Follow the homework assignment in the video and hopefully when 75% sinks in, we will get you out of your Aisle One Rut!

Grape-fully yours, Larry

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