Don’t Buy Hype! Try And Buy New Champagnes

OK!! The Secret Santa and White Elephant, And Buying for OTHER people season is over. This is now ALL ABOUT YOU. When you go to the heart of the Champagne region, to any restaurant, small or very large list of Champagnes will be none of the ones you have ever heard of. Why you ask? Because there are thousands of small family producers in Champagne and the French want nothing to do with the Hyped brand names that Americans see in every retailer or restaurant wine list. American consumers buy hype. The French Buy WINE or in this case Champagne. They don’t care about the color of the bottle, or the free glass it may come with or a popular name. They care about Quality To Price Ratio and it is amazing when you think their way and my way, how much less you will spend and how much more you will enjoy the quality of Bubbles compared to the very well marketed generic brands.

This will be my last blog entry for 2019. I as I am sure every retailer will be pouring and sampling Champagnes from SMALL Producers you never heard of. It costs you nothing to try before you buy and you just might realize what I realized 36 years ago how much you love trying new products and SAVING MONEY…I mean a lot of Money. I suggest as 2019 comes to an end , start off this New Year by leaving the herd of Sheep and try for yourself some of the small family producers of Champagne…as this is not for the boss, the secretary or your hairstylist. This is FOR YOU for your personal consumption. I hope everyone has a very healthy and happy 2020 and I will see you on the other side soon. Cheers!!

Grapefully yours, Larry

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