Gifting Wine? Don’t Buy Them What They Asked For? Here’s Why!


I do this type of video all throughout the year and it gets ooohs and ahhhs from blog followers. I do it once every December when many people gift wine for the holiday season to co workers, family, friends etc. Why do I keep repeating the same message over and over, year after year with a different example? I keep hoping that some of you will finally get the message of what makes a bottle of wine or spirit of choice or even a piece of cheese… A GIFT! People think I am from Mars when they ask me where they can find a certain wine or gift that they found out the person likes or drinks and I tell them to buy the TYPE of Wine or Spirit but NEVER buy them what they asked for? YES, you read that correctly. NEVER buy them what they asked for!

I know my birthday is coming up and many people will gift me wines and they know from asking around what people have seen me drink. Those who also know me or who are in this business will know I will feel very not cared about if you buy me that wine that you saw me drink. Yes! I will feel very not cared about if you buy me that wine that you saw me drink. The video explains it in many ways but the main reasons are 1- Wine Vintages are EVERYTHING. What you or someone saw me drink was a wine or brand but it was from a GOOD YEAR or vintage. 2- Most people who tell you this is what they like or want are ONLY doing so to tell you the brands they pick up easily in EVERY single venue that sells wine, etc. So if I drank a 2012 King Estate Oregon Pinot Noir ( a very good year for ALL Oregon Pinot Noirs) and someone tells you that is what they should buy me 3- You probably won’t find a 2012 King Estate very easily and whatever the next year you find of that brand will taste totally different as all wines will from year to year.4- If I like OREGON PINOTS…buy me an OREGON PINOT but ask someone like me or the wine retailer or sommelier that helps you to find you a Great Oregon Pinot Noir…of a Great Year within your price budget but NOT the same brand of the one I buy ALL THE TIME.. Stay in the category lane of Oregon Pinots but find me one via some sort of channel that is limited production and is difficult to find so that I FEEL CARED ABOUT that you put a little effort into finding me that UNIQUE producer of Oregon Pinot Noir that isn’t readily available.

The video gives you different examples of how you can take the information of the category of food, wine, spirits, beers, etc but how buying a less generic producer or a small production producer of that Category will show the person you give it to even a secret santa that you PUT SOME EFFORT into buying that gift. Never buy them What They Ask For. I hope this is the last year I will have to do the same video again and write to me if you follow my advice HOW MY THEORY OF GIFT GIVING Worked out for you. Happy Shopping.

Grape-fully yours, Larry

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