So Many Unique Wines And So Many Ways To Find Them!

2019 going on 2020 there is so much wine out there and so many ways to find interesting and unique wines such as your local retailer, online shopping, wine clubs, tasting rooms, wine apps, that you could literally live to be 100 and never have to drink the same wine twice. It still amazes me, that some wine consumers in any price range, would use any of these methods I mention to buy a generic, largely industrial made wine that they can find in just about every supermarket or drugstore, big box discount stores, and the internet or EVEN WORSE…give these wines as GIFTS especially with the holidays arriving. I myself use every method. I buy wines at every wine specialty store, online shop, wine clubs etc because with such a plethora of wine out there and  plethora of wine knowledge from experts via any of the above methods, I want to find the “UNIQUE” I want to experience something new every time I give a bottle as a gift to myself or to someone else or just to drink an everyday wine. American consumers want CONVENIENCE and CHOICES. With the wine world today, you have convenience and choices but yet some consumers with WINE only …will only shop everywhere for the same bottle of wine, same, same grape, same brand and drive from place to place or website to website to save 10 cents or $1.00. Life is too short to drink the same wine over and over. Think about that for your next wine purchase for yourself or when giving  a gift. WOW yourself or the giftee with something UNIQUE.  My 60th Birthday is coming December 21st. All generic Wine Gifts will be re-gifted or exchanged. It’s so simple to find something unique!! Thanks!

Grape-fully yours, Larry

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