Learn These Words: Grand Cru !!


Many of my customers and blog followers are regularly reaching out to me asking me which Burgundy, Which Bordeaux, Which Champagne should they buy when there are so many choices. Many parts of France like Champagne or Burgundy use the word “CRU” which means a vineyard or specific village where the grapes come from. For example a Chablis can be from anywhere in the appellation of Chablis or what we call a Village Wine. Then, there are 23 vineyards in Chablis that the controlling powers to be say are a better quality source for the Chardonnay grapes and they call that “Premier Crus. The highest level that you can never go wrong with in French Wine as in Chablis where they have only 7 vineyards with small plots of land good enough to be labeled “GRAND CRU” Your homework assignment tonight is to Google Grand Cru. Then write it on paper 100 times. When indecisive about a Non Vintage Champagne or a Right Bank Bordeaux or a White or Red Burgundy… clear your mind and remember those two words you learned today “GRAND CRU”… Class dismissed ! Easy Peasy !!

Grape-fully yours, Larry

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