2019! Wine Consumers Willing To Learn!


Another New Year. I am hopeful as we started 2019 I notice a change in the large percentage of the consumers I speak to on a daily basis. Many but more than last year are not relying on phone apps, points, tasting notes or brand names any longer. I see many retaining the information I gave them on prior interactions and are absorbing it like a sponge and willing to learn more. Still many will still go by brand name recognition or recommendations from friends who are not wine experts and that is to be expected. On the upside, I see a large percentage who are reformed and finding out that by creating a relationship with a wine expert in their local community and taking advice based on their palates and budget that this has opened up a whole new world of wine experiences for them. This early in 2019, this is encouraging to me and I think as consumers become more educated, 2019 could be the year that changed wine buying habits for many people willing to learn.

Grape-fully yours, Larry


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