Australian Wine Is Like A Card Game. Sometimes You “COME UP TRUMPS”

I have discussed so many times why I can’t stand Cult Wines from Australia like Mollydooker because they are so over the top laden with alcohol that they are not enjoyable to drink. 16.5% Alcohol is maybe acceptable for an Amarone but not for a Syrah or Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. As a Certified Sommelier, I can never give up on wines from anywhere in the world and am constantly tasting. It’s been about 10 years for me but I finally stumbled upon one from Australia that is elegant, rich, silky and well made and most importantly as usual AFFORDABLE.
Cimicky Trumps
Czech immigrant Karl Cimicky founded Karlsburg Winery in 1973. In the early 90’s Karl’s son Charles began to take a keen interest in winemaking and the ‘good’ wines started turning into awesome wines. In addition to top of the line fermenters and barrels, Cimicky also has an estate bottling line, something of a rarity in Australia, allowing him to personally control all facets of production. Charles Cimicky produces rich, voluptuous, generous wines with superb balance. Apart from minor drip irrigation in January and February, the vines are dry grown, cover-cropped and organically fertilized. Now in his late forties Charles Cimicky is one of the most quality-driven, meticulous winemakers in South Australia.
It was once customary for a small group of zealous Barossa pioneers to regularly seek the cellar retreat of an old vineyard cottage. Within the cool stone depths of this hidden refuge,they used to waste away hours playing cards and drinking wine. Now a lingering part of Barossa history, the crumbling remains of this cottage still stand amidst old vines that constantly produce this excellent Shiraz that always, “comes up trumps.” 100% Shiraz.
I just stumbled upon this 94 point rated wine by James Halliday who specializes in reviewing Aussie Wines. The first thing I noticed when I looked at the bottle was it was 14% Alcohol. From BAROSSA???? They usually all are hot, hot, hot wines with way too much alcohol. Beautiful dark purple color in the glass with aromas of fresh berries and plums. On the palate this was silky and rich and explosion of blackberry fruits with notes of dark chocolate the tannins were soft and refined. Retail on the bottle is about $20 if you can find it and in a Restaurant at under $50. Yes under $50 in a Restaurant for an AMAZING handcrafted wine!!!
So in the Card Game of WINE. The Dealer Might Hand Me A Mollydooker Carnival Of Love …I FOLD!!! Two Hands Bad Impersonator Or Samantha’s Garden, I FOLD….2009 Charles Cimicky Barossa Valley Syrah/Shrias… I am All In Cause Every Once In a While With An Australian Wine You Can COME UP TRUMPS!!

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