Larry The Wine Guy

A Radio Personality for 7 years, once I became a bartender at 5 star hotels and restaurants, the Wine Bug bit me!

From there, I became a Beverage Manager, Wine Director, Wine Staff Trainer, General Manager of a wine retail shop and finally, a Wine Specialist/Account Executive for a major wine distributor.

I am currently a Certified Sommelier/Advanced Level and have trained hundreds of restaurant staff and retail customers about wine via a simplified method that makes it easier to grasp and understand than any wine information source on the market today.

My hobbies include wine tasting (a given), cooking, New York Giant’s football and waiting for the next Woody Allen movie to be released so I can be the first in line to see it!

I am constantly looking for ways to apply my passion and talents in the wine industry, including this website to spread the passion to anyone seeking that information!

I currently reside in South Florida and I was a Corporate Sommelier for a 4 location Steakhouse and I have rejoined my previous employer as a Senior Wine And Spirits Sales Consultant and Sommelier for ABC Fine Wines And Spirits. I love sharing the “Wine Of A Kind Experience

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  1. Hey Larry, it was great to see you 3 the other night for dinner. Thanks for your generousity as well. Just finished reading your post about Gotham. i am so happy that you and the ladies enjoyed the night out! It was my pleasure to take care of you as i feel it was returning the favor for all your wonderful wine recommendations. I will see you soon to pick up some wine!

    regards, Trevor

  2. Unbelievable site, tastefully done with ample supply of great opinions of wines and tastes. Too bad you don’t have enough search tools but nevertheless it is great! You should be published!

    1. Thank you for the kind words Enrique. It is comments like yours that keeps me doing what I do and keeps my passion for wine stronger everyday. I wish I knew how to get published!!!

  3. Larry. I would love to pick you brain about hosting a wine tasting charity event for a co-worker in need. Please send me your email so I can provide some more details. Thanks.!

  4. Hi Larry! My husband and I met you at ABC the other day! It was so cool hearing your extensive knowledge on wines. We were SUPER impressed. Thanks so much for teaching us!
    I lost your card so if you could e-mail me the link to ABC it would be great so I can leave a nice comment. See ya!

  5. My wife and I went to ABC liquours to buy the same wine that we always get for the house. We ran across Larry and man, did we learn a lot from a talented individual with a high level of taste and knowledge in the art of wines. We learned so much and we had so much fun listening to Larry and we got to feed our thirst for knowledge in the world of wines. We both left with a white and red bottles of wine and man, was he right! Our taste did change and the thought of buying a regular bottle of wine with god knows what inside, totally changed thanks to Larry. Our dinner was incredible thanks to him and we look forward to our next trip to ABC and learn more from the man…Larry!!! Your the man!

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