Back To Basics! How To Open A Bottle Of Wine With A Corkscrew!

I know it sounds so simplistic to us “Cork Dorks” but the number one question I get asked by consumers is “Can you show me a bottle of wine that has  a screw cap only?” I always respond ” I am with you. I prefer Stelvin Closures too because I am sick of Cork Taint and other Cork Issues”. They then admit the reason they wanted a screw cap was not for Sound Wine without Cork Taint… They didn’t know how to open a bottle of wine with a Cork and they invested hundreds of dollars in all kinds of contraptions that didn’t work, just to OPEN a bottle of wine with a Cork?. I know to most of my readers this sounds crazy but since this blog is not for snobs, it’s about time that I easily demonstrate how to open a bottle of wine with a Cork. Don’t be afraid of the Cork and throw out all the crazy contraptions!

Grape-fully yours, Larry

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