Easter And Passover On Same Days!



It doesn’t happen every year but this year it did. Both Easter weekend starting with Good Friday falls on the same date as the first Seder night for Passover. As far as wine pairings, kosher wines for Passover are only utilized or required by the very Orthodox Jewish people. They may get together for the ceremonial Seder but most reform Jews don’t require the wines they consume be Kosher for Passover or even Kosher. There are however amazing wines that are labeled Kosher For Passover that people pass up , thinking incorrectly that you only buy these wines if you are Jewish and Kosher. Easter fare is usually the classic Honey Baked Ham, Prime Rib or Rack Of Lamb. In this video, since both holidays fall on the same days, I gave some suggestions for whites and reds that would work with Easter Fare or with Passover Fare if you didn’t require they be Kosher for Passover as well as True Kosher for Passover wines that would work for Brisket, Roast Chicken, Salmon and as well for people celebrating Easter with a Ham or Lamb or Prime Rib. There is no rule you can’t have Kosher for Passover wines on Easter….Why Not? Passing them by is passing by some of the greatest wines in the World. Either holiday or none, Happy Holidays and Always Be Celebrating.

Grape-fully yours, Larry

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