Thanksgiving Wines, Not TURKEY Wines!

Every Thanksgiving I get asked by customers, blog followers, friends and periodicals, “What Wines Go Well With Turkey”. Every year, I say the same response. “The holiday plate is not just about a slice of Turkey. What about the sugar in the candied yams, cranberry sauce or relish, spices in savory stuffings, herbs used to flavor  Turkey?” It is quite the challenge for any Sommelier to pair one wine with the entire meal however I feel that Roses especially Sparkling Roses are your best options that will work best with everything on the plate. This year I have a couple of German Surprises a Red and White that I also think would be perfect. Happy THANKSGIVING not TURKEY DAY.

Grape-fully yours, Larry

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Wines, Not TURKEY Wines!

  1. Love Pflüger, but give his weissburgunder a ride — less aromatic than a Riesling and thus more versatile at the table. Or really blow your customers’ minds and offer them a Silvaner: structure, herbs, low alcohol, good acidity and just a dash of mouthwatering bitter on the finish to leave you reaching for another glass (or bottle). Salut Silvaner, and tailor made for T-day.

    1. Thanks Paula. The problem is I am not a buyer. We just as a company brought in these 2 Pflüger wines and would love to have the others to offer however I have no control over what our buyers bring in as new items in my current position I hope to bring in Sylvaner but it’s not up to me. Happy Thanksgiving

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