How Can You Say “NO” To That???

It boggles me everyday in this business. I am a Certified Sommelier and I don’t do heart surgery part time on the weekends and I don’t work at Home Depot either. I do however know how to recommend a bottle of wine for you based on your taste and budget. It’s all I know how to do with accuracy . My friend Melissa can’t understand how someone who has been drinking the same grape or the same brand of that grape or both for 23 years can come into a retail store or restaurant and when  either the Sommelier or a service staff member trained by the Sommelier tells or suggests to the guest that they can either have the same bottle of big and bold Rioja from Spain that they have been drinking for the last 25 years and they can purchase it if they really want to drink that wine and that wine only at any Costco, Supermarket or Target or they can have the same style of wine in fact the same grape used in Rioja, Spain, Tempranillo at the same price but this one is made by a winemaker who was the youngest person to ever be designated a Master Sommelier and it is limited production, not sold at Costco and is handcrafted in Walla Walla Valley and aged in American Oak just like Rioja. Melissa asks me “How could anyone not choose your alternative option”?? They do and they do it a lot. Why would someone not take a killer suggestion like that? It all comes down to 1- Brand Name Addiction but more importantly 2- Lack of Trust in the Server or Sommelier even with a Money Back Guarantee if they don’t like the suggestion

I feel sad because I am passionate about introducing guests as many Wine Shop Merchants or Sommeliers or Servers are , to something highly allocated and something interesting and new than the generic brands they can find everywhere. I can’t promise a lot of things to you I can only suggest as I do it myself when I go to any Wine Bar, Restaurant, Retail Shop, put yourself just once in the hands of the people that have the passion and just have a little more TRUST in their suggestions and I can guarantee you that 99.9% your Wine Experience will be 10 times better than just going with the one you know all too well cause you don’t drink anything else. Give it a try. And when you need Heart Advice trust a Cardiologist not a Sommelier or a Restaurant Server… but when it comes to wines and enjoyment …Please let us Impress you and Make you Happy. After all , this is why we do what we do!!

2 thoughts on “How Can You Say “NO” To That???

  1. I wish my experience was 99.9% positive, but sadly it isn’t. Though I confess that i have never had the money back guarantee provided. Perhaps that’s the secret, ask for it just in case.

    1. Hi Deb
      Perfect comment which is sad because that is the problem with restaurants that have eliminated the position of a designated wine person like a sommelier so the staff just points to the most expensive. Try to look at the wine list ahead of time and if you recognize any brands that means bad experience. Staffs like this who make poor recommendations because they haven’t trained correctly make it look bad for the rest of us who can give you an amazing wine experience

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