My Life Long Mission: Get Americans To Drink More Rose!!!

Europeans, NO PROBLEM, South Americans, NO PROBLEM, Americans, BIG PROBLEM . As soon as the letter R comes out of your mouth, when you recommend a Rose to an American Guest, they cringe and say : IT GOES AGAINST MY RELIGION TO DRINK PINK WINE!!!. We can all blame this on Sutter Home and Beringer for putting out that SWEET STUFF with loads of Sugar known as White Zinfandel which isn’t even White but PINK!! A True Rose is probably the most versatile, food friendly, refreshing wine to drink especially in a warm climate but yet Americans can’t get past the White Zinfandel Analogy . It also works in reverse when a guest is actually looking for a White Zinfandel and sees a Pink Wine on the Wine List and orders it and Cringes while saying: I THOUGHT THIS WAS THE BERINGER SWEET PINK WINE…THIS IS DRY!! A True Rose is made from almost 100% Red Grapes but using the french method of BLEEDING (SAIGNEE) you get the first Run Off of the Color Pigmentation of the skins of the Red Wine before Fermentation and you get a Rose Wine that has nuances of Red Fruit Flavors but with less Tannins or bitterness than you would if you would drink a full blown RED WINE. So basically it the perfect wine for a couple where one person prefers a light red and the other a light white.. The Compromise wine is ROSES. It is also the perfect Compromise wine when half the table is having light seafood and the other meats because ROSES GO WITH EVERYTHING Let’s take a look at a few of my favorites right now.
Mirval Rose And Pitt
I Never thought I would say this but THANK GOD FOR BRAD PITT AND ANGELINA JOLIE Chateau Miraval is a Historic Property in the south of France. It was purchased by Brad and Angelina and they grow wine grapes on those vineyards. They partnered up with the famous PERRIN FAMILY of Chateau De Beaucastel Chateauneuf Du Pape to take on this project and their only release is the Rose wine. The 2012 came in #84 on Wine Spectator’s Top 100 Wines of the Year and The 2013 has already been scored 91 Points by Decanter Magazine and 90 Points by Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate. I love the nuances of red berries from the Grenache and the stone fruits from the Cinsault. It is just an easy drinking wine that I personally could drink everyday. The marketing strategy was IDEAL!!!… It works for both countries, France and America. The French couldn’t give a Rat’s Ass about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie but having Marc Perrin involved in the project gives the Europeans a reason to buy the wine. The Americans on the other hand couldn’t give a Rat’s Ass about Marc Perrin nor do most know who that family is, but will buy the wine because there is a 10% Chance that either Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie might have touched one of the Grapes in the Wine. I don’t care. At least it gets Americans to drink Rose
I just taste this beautiful, french style rose from California. The Saintsbury Vin Gris of Pinot Noir is 100% Pinot Noir and is made in the same french method of Saignee discussed above. I have tasted a lot of Pinot Noir Rose’s from Oregon And California but they are too concentrated and have too much Residual Sugar in them. This Saintsbury was amazing and probably one of the most elegant, refreshing easy to drink Rose’s I have tasted in years and plus I am a sucker for the Vincent Van Gogh Label. Hey…whatever works to get Americans to drink Rose.
Tantini Chiaretto
An oldie but a goodie favorite of mine from my friend Giovanna Tantini in Bardolino, Italy near Verona. She is one talented winemaker and winery owner and I love all her wines however always my go to wine when entertaining or just chilling out in my apartment with some salami and cheeses is her Chiaretto (Blend in English) of Corvina And Rondinella. I love many Italian Rose’s but I have been drinking this one for the last 5 Thanksgiving Holidays as it pairs with everything. I have yet to find one type of food that this beautiful elegant Rose doesn’t pair well with. It as well is made in the French Style of Saignee and I always have a bottle or two in my Fridge for when I come home from a hard day’s work.
I don’t want to become like a Jehova Witness Knocking on your door everyday trying to sell you their book or go on TV and do an Infomercial but I will continue my Mission which has been Successful up till now until the day I can’t Speak anymore…Pass The Message Along To Every American…DRINK TRUE ROSE WINE…IT IS NOT YOUR $3.99 BOTTLE OF SUGAR WATER THAT YOU THINK IT IS

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