The Search Is Over For That Perfect Glass Of Wine!

For years, I have been asked to recommend that perfect bottle of wine that didn’t require any food or wasn’t too harsh on the tannins. People want that glass of smooth, silky glass of Red Wine they could just kick back with after a hard day of work and relax. Lo and Behold in my favorite State For Red Wines, Washington State, I found it!
Pendulum, always reminds me of those old grandfather clocks and the simple yet smooth motion swinging back and forth as the moments of the day tick away. This is the perfect name for this wine. Wine Spectator who rated the 2010 Pendulum Red 90 Points used the words SMOOTH AND VELVETY When I first sampled this blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec with small amounts of Grenache and Mourvedre the first thing I noticed was the soft aromas of Black Forest Cake (Chocolate And Ripe Cherry). At 13.3% Alcohol it certainly isn’t one of those Throat Burning Hot Wines that people seem to drink like Orin Swift or Mollydookers that require 3 Prilosec per sip. Pendulum is exactly what I have been searching for. Silky Cherry fruit with hints of plum and a polished finish of chocolate. At a price tag of $17.99 or at some retailers on sale for $15.99 this offers the QPR (Quality To Price Ratio) that qualifies it as an “Everyday Wine”. When reviewing the wine for tasting notes, before I knew it, the bottle was empty. It is just that easy to drink.
Here’s what one of my guest’s Christopher Houston said about my Recommendation of the 2010 Pendulum: Hey Larry! So, I finally got around to opening the Pendulum. THANK YOU for the recommendation. You are right on the money when you say it is a smooth drinker. I am loving every drop. Happy New Year, good sir!
So my search is finally over for now until the vintage changes. The 2010 Pendulum Washington State Red Blend is the Perfect Glass Of Red Wine to drink by itself or with a meal. I’d pick up a case of this wine to have in the house as the Pendulum Keeps Moving as does time as did 76 bottles of this wine in one week where I work. Wines like this don’t last too long.

2 thoughts on “The Search Is Over For That Perfect Glass Of Wine!

  1. Found you after a google search for “smooth velvety red wine”. Tried to find your recommendation ‘Pendulum 2010″ to no avail. Can you recommend any other smooth velvety reds currently available (2017)? Thanks!

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