Hooked On “ONIX” True Old Vine Fruit In Priorato!

That is not a picture of the San Francisco Earthquake. In an area of Spain, located 100 miles Northwest of Barcelona is Priorat or Priorato in Spanish which is a D.O. (Designated Origin) area for producing my favorite wines from Spain. It is probably one or the most difficult vineyard areas in the entire world. Look at that stuff where the vines are growing. The Vines are usually at least 60+ years old and there is no room for Scott’s Bonus S Weed And Feed. There is no Soil! These hillside vineyards are made up of mostly Black Slate and Quartz known in Spanish as “LLicorella”. It is very humid in Priorat as well and the temperatures get hot in the summer. The vines get thirsty just like humans do and in order to get cooled off or a drink of water they force themselves through the cracks of the “LLicorella” way deep into the ground to get their nourishment. I think these most unusual conditions are the reason that I find the wines of Priorato so amazing.

It has been awhile since I have had a bottle of wine from Priorato. Last night after I left this 15% Alcohol ( I usually don’t recommend wines with this high level of Alcohol except Amarone) for 2 hours to breathe, I tried the 2010 Onix Classic made up of 50% Grenache (Garnacha) and 50% Carignan (Carinea). If Estee Lauder Or Calvin Klein tried this wine they would be rushing to produce a perfume with the scents of this wine. You get seduced by the violets, lavender, rosemary, boysenberry, sweet plums, and a hint of black pepper spice to make it even more complex. The color was a deep, deep, dark purple. On the palate the 15% Alcohol didn’t annoy me like Mollydooker Wines do it is typical of wines from these type of conditions in the Priorato area that produce low yielding small sized concentrated grapes and big flavors. Very soft and round with beautiful sweet, ripe berry flavors which just a slight hint of spice (Unlike other wines with over 15% alcohol burning your Tonsils). If it wasn’t so late in the evening, I would have ran to a market and bought the biggest Ribeye I could find and started grilling. I was totally seduced by this wine. In fact, I am certain I am going to ask her out for a second date. I love the wines of this most unusual wine producing region and I am TOTALLY HOOKED ON “ONIX” Check your local fine wine shops for wines from Priorato, Spain. Perfect for summertime grilling!

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