How To Train Your Wine Palate

In Order To Be Able To Pick Up Certain Flavors And Nuances In Red And White Wines, You First Have To Taste These Products To Train Your Palate. Below Is A Pretty Well Balanced Shopping List Of Items, Some You Already Have In Your Home. Try This Experiment With Your Friends Who Want To Be Educated About Wine And Repeat A Couple Of Times. Soon You Will Be Able To Pick Out These Flavors In Wine That You Have Read About In Wine Magazines And Thought They Were Crazy. Have Fun And Keep Trying New Wines!!

Shopping List

I Feel Certain Fruit Flavors Are More Concentrated In Preserve Form, Try To Find Ones Without Added Sugars 

Dried Fruit

Dried Cranberries

Sour Cherries (A lot Of Italian Wines Have This Component)

Black Currants

Red Currants 


Black Currant .Red Currant Blackberry Raspberry Black Raspberry Strawberry

 Fresh Fruits

Orange Peel And Lemon Peel


Blackberries (Almost Every Australian Red Has This)

Assorted Figs Assorted Plums

Pears Apples Especially Golden Delicious And Granny Smith (Chardonnays)

Mango (Chardonnay, Rhone Whites)

Apricots Papaya Kiwi, Pineapple, Grapefruits  (New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc)

Peaches Or Nectarines 

Veggiies And Herbs

Broccoli Green And Red Bell Peppers, Raw Asparagus, Jalapeno Pepper

Sage, Basil,(Chew On The Leaves A lot Of Herbs come Through In Italian Wines)


Black Pepper, White Pepper And Also Don’t Forget Vanilla Bean (Scrape Inside Out)

Bonus Stuff  :Trident Cinnamon Gum, Cigars,  POM Juice, Potting Soil ,Butter Flavor Microwave Popcorn (California Chard), Hot Dogs,(Yes Hot Dogs) A Leather Belt To Lick (Leathery Wines) Bacon Bits..A Must and you must have: Black Licorice And Red Licorice And Cinnamon Crunch Cereal Which Tastes Just Like A Glass Of DOM PERIGNON CHAMPAGNE !


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