Spice Things Up With A POT-Pourri !!

The Finlayson Family The Finlayson family is synonymous with modern era winemaking in the Cape region for 3 generations.  Dr Maurice Finlayson, a pathologist originally from Inverness in Scotland started the family wine business at Hartenberg farm in Stellenbosch. David qualified as a winemaker at Elsenburg Agricultural college in Stellenbosch as Dux student and then […]

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Forget BOTOX, Drink Tannat!!

For some time now, the media and doctors have been touting the benefits of drinking red wine for their antioxidant effects. There is one grape that has brought much media attention over all the others, Tannat. This gets it’s name from it’s very strong “Tannins” coming from the skins of the grape. In fact most […]

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